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IA - Millard High School: 708 - Millard High School

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Job Title IA - Millard High School
Vacancy # 2076
Position #
# of Openings 1
Category Instructional Assistants - MHS
Employment PT - Part Time < 28.5 hours
Salary 12.50
Calendar Days 180 - Aides
Published Date 12/08/2020
Closing Date N/A 
Location 708 - Millard High School
200 West Eagle Avenue
Fillmore, UT 84631
Experience 0-2 Years
Degrees / Certificates
Contact Information:
Derrick Dearden
200 West Eagle Avenue
Fillmore, UT 84631

Tel: 435-743-5610 
Fax: 435-743-5619 

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Applicants must be highly qualified (have an Associate’s Degree; 48 semester hours or be able to pass a qualifying test) to be eligible for consideration.  Applicants must be able to meet the requirements as outlined in the job description which is available on Applicant Portal under Documents tab.  Salary will be based on Millard School District’s Classified Schedule.

Instructional Assistant - Millard High School 
Application Procedure

Apply online at – Applicant Portal – When creating an account, include all information.  Upload two letters of recommendation.  Once the account is created, you can apply for the job.  This job is open until filled.

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