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Welcome to Millard School District. 

We are happy you are interested in our district.

  • Overview - As citizens of the United States of America, we believe in freedom, opportunity, and responsibility.  These critical attributes are developed and preserved through and educated citizenry.
  • Statement - The Millard School District has a legal and ethical obligation to carefully use the valuable resources entrusted to it in providing an effective educational framework for all residents of Millard County of public school age. The overarching goal is that students in the Millard School District have the opportunity to develop into motivated, enlighted, responsible, and capable citizen-scholars.
  • Methodology - These goals are accomplished by developing and maintaining:
    • Quality teaching-staff, administration, and support personnel
    • Safe, comfortable, and modern physical facilities
    • Effective and positive partnerships with families and community members
    • A vision of educational excellence that is scientifically researched based and which supports individual achievement and diversity
    • Strategic planning that anticipates needs in our ever-changing world

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